Portalegre, Portugal



Donca Vianu, MD is known in the Netherlands and Germany as a highly skilled therapist for psychedelic experiences, in which she was a forerunner for many years. She is involved in education, harm reduction, and preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences.

She is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist with more than 40 years work experience spread over different countries and cultures, of which 30 years in the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands she worked at governmental institutions for mental health and in her own practice.

As a psychotherapist, she is trained in various main stream methodologies, from hypnotherapy to Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing to CBT, and holistic somatic and meditative approaches, with an emphasis on the treatment of complex PTSD and intergenerational transmission of trauma, gender and relationship problems and transcultural aspects of mental problems.

Her life long interest in spirituality led to a study in comparative religions and later in Buddhist psychology with Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master and poet.

Her passion for art was reflected in a theatre training (De Kleine Academie, Brussels) a dance-and somatic movement training (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam) and a study of the scientific base of creativity (OU, UK.)

Donca Vianu MD has a rich psychological toolbox, from hypnotherapy to breathing, somatic techniques and more, with which she helps people with most diverse challenges and complaints to recover and grow.

“Order and Play” – Education on mental health, psychedelics, PTSD and trans-generational transmission of trauma, gender issues, intercultural communication.

Consultant psychiatrist/supervisor for Inwardbound (Ireland, Netherlands)

Consultant psychiatrist for LiminalMinds (Lisbon, Portugal) Strategic Advisor for TREAT California

Member of Mental Health Section “Mind- Foundation” (Germany.)